Amartya Sen gets Nobel prize for Economics
The awarding of the 1998 Nobel Prize for economics to Prof. Amartya Sen makes him the 6th Nobel Laureate from India. His illustrous predecessors are Rabindranath Tagore [Literatute], C.V Raman [Physics], Hargobind Khorana [Medicine], Mother Teresa [Peace], Subramanyam Chandrasekhar [Physics]. Meet Prof. Amartya Sen, interviewed on "India Talks" [Web coverage by India50] Read on...

It is but rarely that history presents the people of a nation an opportunity to
and Remember

What it is to achieve freedom

On 15th August 1997 time
presents to us one such
rare moment.


On this site you will witness the Golden Jubilee celebrations of Indian Independence, from the midnight session at Parliament House to the fly-by at the historic Lal Quila, and myriad other celebrations through the year.

This web site is
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Photographs by
Pablo Bartholomew

fm_strip1.jpg (5544 bytes)
Kite Festival at Jodhpur

mt_Mother_Small.gif (7931 bytes)
A Photographic Tribute
to Mother Teresa

opium.jpg (7579 bytes)
Photo Essay on Cultivation of
Opium in India
For villagers in North India,
growing opium offers a
guarenteed income,
supplementing the
food and revenue
their small plots
of land generate.

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